Ready to get started? Here are the three most common ways our clients like to engage with us:

Perfect when you need something specific done with a clear start and stop point. Let us quote you an estimate for the project before we get started so there are no surprises on either side.

Best for clients who know how much they have to spend, but don’t necessarily know exactly what they need yet.

Like other professional services firms, Sierra is compensated through a flat hourly fee. So, many of our clients will purchase a block of hours to use towards any support at their discretion.

This block may last weeks or months depending on the fixed amount and the level of client activity. Once the block of hours is spent, the work stops or another block is secured.

The best option for clients who know they will need ongoing marketing support or who are using Sierra to support or serve as their internal marketing team.

The client sets aside a set amount each month for ongoing marketing support activity. This offers cost certainty to our client, and also gives the client total access to the Sierra team at any time.

When we’re close to using up the hours for the month, we’ll let you know and you can tell us to stop or allocate additional funds to push through the end of the month.

In the event the monthly activity level is under the retainer amount, we’ll bank the hours, let you know, and save them for a rainy day.

Also known as the Dalai Lama model from the Caddyshack scene where he declares, “There will be no money involved” for his round of golf, instead offering his caddie “total consciousness”.

In this arrangement clients – usually startups – exchange Sierra support effort for equity in their company.

We had some fun with this one back in the dot-com days, and we’re still working off the hangover. Not an option any longer, we’re sorry to say!

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